• La Belle Assiette

    Rediscover the pleasure of entertaining at home...

  • Love entertaining.


    We believe people should love hosting and entertaining others at home. It should be easy, delicious and enjoyable.


    In the future, hosting meal with loved ones will be simple and stress-free. Planning will be a breeze. Ingredients will be fresh. Logistics will be invisible.


    We believe in a future where chefs don't need to have "restaurants". Where people won't buy ingredients in supermarkets. Where sharing a meal with friends won't require planning.


    At La Belle Assiette, we are building this future.

  • Our service

    We strive to make your dining experience great. To us, that means:

    • maximum pleasure through great produce and service
    • no logistics or advanced planning (for you, we'll handle everything!)
    • perfect pricing

    With over 750 local chefs in 5 countries (France, United-Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland) we bring restaurant quality experience to your home. Our chefs cook the menu you selected and paid for online. They buy fresh ingredients, cook in your kitchen, serve and clean up. You can just to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your guests at home.


    Book easily online on www.labelleassiette.com and let the selected local professional chef takes care of everything!


    Hosting meals has never been so enjoyable.

  • Our team

    La Belle Assiette is a highly motivated and hard-working team. With a shared passion for cooking, our family is international and multicultural.


    Interested in joining us ? View our open job positions here.

    Anne Cécile Airiau


    Gianluca Bucchi (Operations)

    Antoine Bolvy


    Claudel Cadieux


    Nicolas Charlot


    Julie-Anne Duong


    Ta Duy Duc 


    Thomas Florelli 


    Evelyn Henderson


    Lisa Jeschak


    Kornelius Kallewegge


    Sam Kopelman


    Stephen Leguillon 


    Anaïs Ménard


    Yvie Lewis


    Fanny Nouvion


    Nicole Poinsatte


    Chloé Pontreau (Operations)

    Marie Riant

    (Business Development)

    Giorgio Riccò 


    Mathieu Roubaud


    Hugo Schleicher


    Frédéric Tan


    Cédric Urvoy 


  • Our champions

    La Belle Assiette is supported by a group of extraordinary people: investors, advisors, friends. We call them our champions.


    Benoît Bassi

    Laurent Benhamou

    Nicolas Bergerault 

    François Bergerault

    Jean-Sébastien Bompoil

    Nicolas Bourdin

    Frédéric de Bourguet

    Nicolas Brusson 

    Cabiedes Partners

    Guillaume Cussac

    Guillaume Cuvelier

    Thibaud Elzière

    Stephen Judson

    Laurent Sachs

    Kima Ventures

    And many more...